STREET SUSHI QUậN 7 Japanese cuisine

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4 sao trên tổng 24 đánh giá
23 Apr 2019 tại 10:20 The sushi is so good for the price and free delivery is amazing!! It's so good, I ordered it two days in a row.
6 Mar 2019 tại 17:41 The sushi and sashimi was not bad but not so tasty. It then gave me terrible food poisoning, never again.
25 Jan 2019 tại 8:41 Relationship price/quality is really good. Enjoyed the sushi and the sashimi. Will order again.
23 Oct 2018 tại 16:39 Great Fresh Food, Love the salmon, Good Quantity. Always delivered on time with a smile. Great service.
7 Oct 2018 tại 11:18 great sushi, , good price, friendly service.
27 Aug 2018 tại 8:13 1. Rice in rolles was overcooked- you should make separate rice for meals and for rolls; 2. No chop sticks and servets were added to the delivery. Company assumes, that you must have that. 3. Hot food was placed together with cold food.
27 Jan 2018 tại 11:27 Very cheap and a lot of sushi fpr the price. Good
25 Apr 2017 tại 10:09 Worst delivery service ever (2.5 hours). I had to call three or four times. Absurdly incompetent driver.
31 Oct 2016 tại 20:12 awful, they did a great combo mistakes. Wrong order, Salmon Sashimi spoiled, mayonnaise on all rolls, hair on the noodles, box totally destroy, deliver smelling alcohol who tried to keep 100k vnd for him... nothing else to add
14 Aug 2016 tại 19:01 Food was ok. The delivery always on-time (as I've ordered from Street sushi few times.