STREET SUSHI QUậN 7 Japanese cuisine

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4.5 sao trên tổng 35 đánh giá
17 Nov 2020 tại 12:33 The delivery was super slow and I live only 3 km from the restaurant. The taste was just bad, the salmon looked old. Not gonna order again
26 Sep 2020 tại 12:41 Great food For the second time delivery took almost 1.5 hours.
22 Aug 2020 tại 19:21 Always delicious!
8 Aug 2020 tại 4:15 Oficially, my favorite sushi place in D7.
2 Aug 2020 tại 15:18 Inexpensive and delicious
12 Jun 2020 tại 7:56 Never disappointed. Best sushi in Ho Chi Minh City with affordable prices.,
10 Jan 2020 tại 21:29 For the price I was afraid we would not get enough food, but we did and it was all quite good. We will order again.
22 Nov 2019 tại 6:54 Good inexpensive
22 Oct 2019 tại 11:52 Great price/quality relationship. Both sushi and sashimi were great. Generous portion. I didn't like the fried roll, but that might be my personal taste. I will order again.